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Our first ever discord retreat is approaching, as we are an online ministry we don't always get the chance to meet up and encourage one another. To worship together under one roof is a privilege and we want to make it happen!

Join us for a weekend in a packed out airbnb in Orlando on October 13 -16 (you can stay with us or find accommodations of their own).

We have over 20 beds and 15 bedrooms, it will be a jammed packed event with Teachings, Worship Sessions + Prayer, and just old fashioned hangouts (Movies, BoardGames, and More!)

In order for us to reserve the Airbnb we need a paid rsvp for each person that wants to attend (rsvp are still required even if not staying in airbnb) . Please Fill Out The Form below for all who will be attending whether you will be staying in the airbnb or not.

For security reasons we will not be accepting rsvp's from people not active in the discord. 

Pricing For Airbnb RSVP: $150.00 US dollars

RSVP For Attendance: Free

If we fill this airbnb we will reserve a similar airbnb house for all who still want to come and stay with us, but do not wait because it is not a guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates? October 13 -16 2023. Friday - Monday. Check in is at 4:00PM Friday, Check Out is 10:00AM.

What Is The Purpose Of The Retreat? What Should I Expect? This will be the first time some of us in the online church will be meeting for the first time therefore it is gonna be a very fun time to get to know each other on a deeper level. We will be there to experience a few teaching sessions and worship / prayer sessions, but mostly the point of this retreat is for all of us to grow closer to each other and just to fellowship. We won't have a jam packed schedule with sermons, and activities, it will mostly be just for us to sit and relax and converse with one another. So expect to make some life long friendships, and to be encouraged by the word, and by others, an experience you won't want to miss! 

Do I have to stay at the airbnb iI wanna attend the retreat? No you do not have to, just fill out the form and put that you will be finding your own accommodations. Once you let us know you're coming we will make sure you have the address to attend all three days of the retreat, and the outside plans we will have in other locations outside the airbnb. 

Can Someone Pick Me Up From The Airport And Provide Transportation? Yes, just let us know in the form what you plan on doing and we will have several cars available for pick up and drop off in airport and other locations.

When Should I Book My Flight Ticket? As soon as possible, as pricing does increase over time. 

I Can't Afford To Stay At The Airbnb Can Someone Pay For My Stay? Send an email to title it, "Airbnb Retreat Help" ... Write why you cannot afford to pay for the stay, and why you want to come to the conference. 

What is The Closest Airport? Orlando International Aiport (code MCO) ... 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 3282.

What Will We Eat? We will be doing some basic groceries for the airbnb which will include sandwiches, cereals, eggs, and so on. We will provide catering for some days but do not rely on this. We will be going out to eat in different restaurants so be prepared to have a food budget of around 45 dollars a day or you can visit a grocery store and find food for yourself to store in the airbnb. 

Will I Get To Choose Who I Room with? Yes! We will be giving a list of all who have reserved and we will be having a discord call to figure out all room accommodations for each person. We have single beds and Shared Beds, use the form to fill out your preferred accommodation. 

Will Men and Women Room Together? No they will not, we will separate men and women for each room. 

What Will The Event Schedule Look Like? This will be released in detail the closer we get to the event, but there will be teaching sessions everyday (From Samuel and our leaders), a worship session every night, and times of prophetic prayer and encouragement.


Do I Have To Attend Everyday If I Pay For The Airbnb? No, you can come late and leave early depending on your own schedule. Most people will probably leave Sunday instead of Monday, but the leaders (Samuel) will be there till Monday. 

Will We Be Doing Activities Outside Of The Airbnb? Yes most likely we will, we will make sure they are affordable activities, and they will be optional not mandatory. 

What Should I Bring? Make sure to bring your appropriate day and night clothes, and toiletries you would for a regular hotel (Toothpaste, Deodorant, etc.). Don't forget to bring your bible, and a notebook for notes. 

Is My Airbnb Stay Ticket For 150 Refundable If I Can't Make It Or An Emergency Occurs? No, it will not be refundable under any circumstances.

What Happens If The Full 30 tickets are not Sold? We won't cancel the retreat but we will find another smaller airbnb property for the retreat, if you do not want to stay at the new airbnb property your 150.00 dollars will be refunded to you.

Will There Be Another Retreat After This One? we want to try and do a retreat / conference every year but there are no promises, depending on the success of this one will be the result of if we do this every year. 

Rules For Airbnb and Retreat

  1. No Guns, fireworks, tobacco products, alcohol, or illegal drugs.

  2. No Pranks or playing with fire.

  3. No Raiding rooms or disturbing the personal property of others.

  4. Try To keep personal rooms in clean condition, and organized.

  5. No Food and drinks in the rooms only in public spaces.

  6. No Loud Music after 9PM.

  7. Treat airbnb facilities and equipment with care and use it properly.

  8. If something is broken within the airbnb, the person who breaks it will be responsible for paying the damages.

  9. Decent and modest clothing is required. Bikinis, short shorts, slit shorts, Speedo swimsuits (men) and see-through tops are not permitted. Footwear is to be born at all times. 

  10. Pets and other animals are not allowed.

  11. Do not go into the rooms/dormitories of any member of the opposite sex.

  12. Be respectful of the airbnb leaders (Samuel, Stephanie, Malachi, Maddie)

  13. Music and entertainment choices must be in good taste.

  14. No rough housing 

  15. This is not the place to be looking for your spouse, no flirting allowed or sexual activity of any kind allowed. 

  16. All guests are expected to conduct themselves in a Christian manner at all times.

  17.  In order to avoid damages, please do not remove any furniture, mattresses, or any other items from
    any room. If any other arrangements need to be made, please check with our staff. No bunk or
    mattress switching. Blankets, pillows and bed sheets are for bed use only. Please do not remove
    them from individual rooms.

  18. All Delegates must come to the retreat with a Bible (not bible on phones), notebook and a pen.

By Reserving your spot you are agreeing to the rules listed above.

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